To present topics dear to the Terra Madre delegates, in addition to the #foodforchange forums, there will be a series of conferences , organized in collaboration with Turin’s Circolo dei Lettori. Some will be held at Lingotto, others at the new Nuvola Lavazza.

Here you will find the list of conferences and biographies of participants.

Amitav Ghosh, writer, journalist, and Indian anthropologist, is one of the authors of The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable (2017), Flood of Fire (2015), River of Smoke (2011), In an Antique Land (2009), and The Calcutta Chromosome (2008), published by Neri Pozza.

John Ikerd, professor emeritus of Agricultural & Applied Economics and the University of Missouri, focuses on economic and sustainably agricultural studies. He is one of the authors of The Essentials of Economic Sustainability (2008), Crisis and Opportunity (2007), Small Farms are Real Farms (2007) and Sustainable Capitalism (2005).

Sunita Narain, environmentalist and Indian activist, directs the ONG Centre for Science and Environment (Cse) in Delhi. In 2016, Time mentioned her among the 100 most influential people in the world, and Leonardo DiCaprio interviewed her for his documentary Before the Flood.

Wilhelm Schmid, German philosopher, and professor at the University of Erfurt. In Italy Fazi published his work Bellezza, verità e eros (2017), Sexout (2016), Serenità (2015), Filosofia dell’arte di vivere (2014), L’amicizia per se stessi e L’arte dell’equilibrio (2012), Felicità (2009).

John Thackara travels the world in search of projects that support a sustainable future for the planet. He writes about his experiences on his blog and in different books, the latest of which is titled How to Thrive In the Next Economy (Thames & Hudson 2015). For 20 years he curated the celebrate conference Door of Perception –  first in Amsterdam, then in India –  and held workshops in 40 countries. John is a Senior Fellow at the Royal College of Art in London, visiting professor at the School of  Visual Art in New York and consultant for socio-ecological innovation of cities, companies, and civic organizations.

Alice Waters: cook, activist, and vice president of Slow Food. Alice Waters has become the great dame of Californian cuisine and a cult personality for the American Slow Food movement. In the United States, she was the first to work only with regional, seasonal, and organic products – thus enriching the American gastronomy of ethical principles. She also was the first to launch an idea of the school garden that the Snail has helped to spread around the world with 10,000 Gardens in Africa and the Convivium Gardens.

Pierre Thiam, the well known Senegalese chef sometimes called  “the king of the new African cuisine”, interprets ethnic flavors with a contemporary style that has won a grand audience. “When I cook, I want every dish of mine to go beyond the recipe I propose, to leave a mark”. Thiam succeeded with Fonio, a cereal considered miraculous for its nutritional and agronomic characteristics that allow cultivation using little water and even in harsh environments.

Barry Lynn: American journalist and writer. Researcher at the think tank of the New America Foundation in Washington, DC, he directed the Open Markets program and wrote extensively on globalization, economics, and politics for publications such as The Financial Times and Forbes, Mother Jones, and Harvard Business Review, focusing in particular on risks of globalization. In End of the Line, he highlights how a deeply interconnected global industrial system mini security and freedom.

Maria Canabal, an expert on food and gender issues, founder and president of the Parabere Forum, dedicated to women in the gastronomic world, as well as a journalist, and writer. In 2015, she was awarded the title “most influential woman in gastronomy” by Foundation Woman’s Week.

Gianumberto Accinelli, entomologist, ecologist, has published many books such as La meravigliosa vita delle api (The wonderful life of bees)  e La meravigliosa vita delle farfalle (The Wonderful Life of Butterflies)

Lella Costa, Italian Actress, writer, famous for her monologues. In the last few years, she has had a key role in  Ferite a morte, the award-winning show focused on violence and femicide.

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